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Policy on the use of PDFs by institutional repositories

Agricultural History Review is made available online at the point of publication through the Ingenta portal. It is also made available after three years on JSTOR and through the Society’s own website as a freely accessible resource.

As a professional society (as opposed to a commercial publisher or academic press) we are committed to the free dissemination of the Review so far as it is compatible with the maintenance of our subscription income, hence the use of the moving-wall principle.

We do not give permission for PDFs of papers to be archived in institutional repositories in advance of the three-year moving wall. Links may be made from repositories to the Society’s website where, for papers published less than three years ago, an abstract will be found, or the full paper in the case of older issues.

PDFs of papers in the Review are supplied to authors only for private use and not for mounting on personal websites or supply to third parties. We do not support the inclusion in institutional repositories of pre-publication versions of the papers as this, to our mind, only creates confusion when two or more versions of the same article are available.

See also The Agricultural History Review online: guidelines for library and institutional purchasers.