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Terms and conditions for library and institutional subscribers to Agricultural History Review

All library and institutional subscribers receive two issues of Agricultural History Review (hereafter the ‘Review’) and two issues of Rural History Today per year. There is no online-only subscription. The subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Recent editions of the Review are also available online through the Ingenta portal, and comply with Ingenta’s rules and guidelines. Earlier editions may be accessed through the Society’s Agricultural History Review web pages or through JSTOR. The following outlines the rights of access of institutional subscribers of the Review through Ingenta.

  1. All library and institutional subscribers of the Review have online viewing rights. IP access is allowed, with no limitations on the numbers of simultaneous online users, or the proxy IPs. VPN access is not permitted.
  2. During their subscription year, library and institutional subscribers can view the Review online for the current subscription year and the previous three years. If an institution chooses to cancel their subscription, then access to the online texts of back issues on the Ingenta site, including those years for which a subscription has been paid, will be lost. Access to earlier issues beyond the three-year moving wall will still be available through JSTOR and the Society’s own website.
  3. ‘Authorised users’ of institutional and library subscriptions to the Review are defined as full and part-time employees, retired staff and researchers holding honorary (unsalaried) positions, independent contractors, and students officially affiliated at the location of the library or institution. They may also include walk-in users of library facilities. Distance learners must be authenticated, subject to the usual rules of the host library, via proxy by the campus holding the subscription.
  4. Inter-library loan access to the Review in electronic form is not permitted under any circumstances.
  5. An institution or library with satellite and/or franchised campus(es) abroad shall purchase separate subscription for each campus.
  6. The online Review and any information or other material contained in it is made available strictly on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis.
  7. Any library or institution in a position not covered by these guidelines or in doubt about their applicability, should use the contact form to contact the Assistant Treasurer to seek a ruling on how they should proceed.
  8. The British Agricultural History Society reserves the right to withdraw or alter these guidelines at any time.

See also Policy on the use of PDFs by institutional repositories.