Dylan Thomas: agricultural implements c1900

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Dylan Thomas: agricultural implements c1900

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I'm a writer specialising in the work of the poet Dylan Thomas. I am currently working on a piece about his farming uncles in Carmarthenshire. Please see my author's link below.

I have come across a newspaper notice (attached) for the sale in 1908 of Pentowin farm belonging to one of Thomas' uncles, James Jones. The brief background is that Jones had previously been at another farm of some 50 acres, and then moved to Pentowin (some 200 acres) about 1900. I’m assuming he would have had to buy a good deal of extra farming equipment when he moved to Pentowin.

I would appreciate some help, please, on valuing the listed items under “Implements of Husbandry” ie how much they would have cost c1900 when Jones moved to Pentowin, and how Jones would have raised the money to buy them. I’d also like to have some idea of how modern/up-to-date the machinery was. With many thanks, Yours, David Thomas https://sites.google.com/site/davidnthomasauthor/home
Pentowin sale ad full.jpg

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