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calf rearing

Posted: 15 Apr 2018, 15:50
by calflady
I am keen to obtain details of historic feeding and weaning methods of calves, more specifically for beef production. What used to be favourite feeds prior to today's modern cake and other concentrates when not then chasing contract weights..? Waste milk? Soft hay? Any recommendations for reference? Publications please?
Many thanks Judi

Re: calf rearing

Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 10:39
by webweaver
Hi Judi
The best place to post this question would be in the Agricultural History forum, but I have left it here because one answer might be for you to sign up for LIBRAL, our LIBrary of Rural and Agricultural History. I searched there for calves and got over 4000 hits; beef got over 2000 hits, so you will have to put a bit of work in, but it looks as if we might have something for you there.

To sign up for LIBRAL, go to
I will then create an account for you. (The user account management function is not ready yet.)

But in the meantime, I suggest you also post your question to our 'Agricultural History' forum, which may be being monitored by more people.

And do make sure you subscribe to the post or - better - to the forum, to ensure that you see any replies.

Best wishes