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BAHS forums: rules and etiquette

These rules and etiquette are based on the phpBB community rules, and the BAHS forum team, consisting of the BAHS Web Weaver and members of the BAHS Executive Committee, will police the forums in the manner described there.

We expect everyone registering for BAHS forums to respect the following rules:

  1. Please post in the relevant forum: read the forum descriptions before posting.
  2. Please use an appropriate, descriptive subject when posting a new topic. Examples of bad subjects include; ‘Information wanted’, ‘Help!’, etc.; a good subject might be ‘References to 18th-century parsnips sought’.
  3. Please post in a way that is respectful of other members. Flaming or abusing members in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning. Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, discrimination or abuse is strictly prohibited. Use common sense when posting.
  4. Please post only in English, as this is an English-speaking community.
  5. Please do not ask for the email addresses or phone numbers of other members: use the private messaging system instead (‘Contact...’ at the right-hand side of the post).
  6. Please respect the bandwidth of other members and sites. The use of inline ([IMG][/IMG]) image tags pointing to data stored on third party systems for which you have not received permission may be removed.
  7. Please post in a way which is consistent with ‘normal writing’, without excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly please do not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts. Members persistently abusing this will be warned.
  8. Please remember that this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.
  9. Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance. This includes anything not directly relevant to agricultural history and the history of rural economy and society.
  10. The moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any post at any time, or to put the posts of any member into the moderation queue. Please note that currently your very first post is automatically placed in the moderation queue and will be approved/disapproved according to the present Rules. The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. as noted in these points is up to the BAHS forum team and not members of the forum.
  11. The above forum rules where applicable also apply to private messaging. Abuse of the private messaging system may lead to warnings (as above) and/or the revocation of private messaging.
  12. If you notice an issue which contravenes something in this policy document please bring it to the attention of BAHS Web Weaver. Please use the ‘post report’ feature to report posts. Do not respond to such topics yourself. Members who persistently ‘act’ as moderators may be warned.


In the user control panel you can define a signature to be placed at the bottom of each of your contributions.

  1. Signatures may contain up to five lines of normal sized text OR a single image that is no more than 60px high, 468px wide, 10KiB (10240 bytes) in size and one line of small sized text. The font size of signatures should be normal or small only.
  2. Signatures containing an image of 30px in height may include up to two lines of normal sized text or three lines of small sized text. Images 15px or below in height may contain up to three lines of normal sized text or four lines of small sized text.
  3. Content in signatures should be consistent with normal writing and abide by the general forum etiquette.
  4. Remote signature images must have a consistently high availability to ensure page load times are not affected. Animated images are not permitted.
  5. Members abusing these rules will be warned or have their signature privileges revoked.


In the user control panel you can define an image (‘avatar’) that will appear wherever your username appears.

  1. Avatars should be no larger than 120x120 pixels and should not exceed 20KiB (20480 bytes) in size.
  2. Avatars must not contain animation.
  3. Remote avatars must have a consistently high availability to ensure page load times are not affected.
  4. Avatars are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect to the general forum etiquette.
  5. Members abusing these rules will be warned or have their avatar privileges revoked.