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The Society’s Conferences

We normally hold two annual conferences: the cancellation of the 2020 Spring Conference was only the second time the Society has had to cancel one in its 68 years.

The Winter Conference too is normally a one-day conference that takes place in London, and has also run almost continuously since the beginnings of the Society. This year, the Winter Conference was held online.

Following the success of the Winter 2020 Conference, which was attended by over 120 people, we are pleased to announce the Spring Seminars 2021, a programme of Virtual Seminars, to be held via Zoom at 2pm on Monday afternoons fortnightly from 1 March to 10 May. On 26 April we will also hold the Society's Annual Meeting and announce the winner of the Thirsk Prize 2021. There is no cost for the seminars but you do have to register.

Other Events

The Society also promotes and participates in other events both in Britain and abroad. We also support otherwise unfunded events through our Conferences and Initiatives Fund.

Past Spring Conferences

A photo gallery of past conferences: