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Winter Conference 2020

The conference this year, on Neighbourliness in farming and rural society, was held online, with an audience of about 120, and we recorded the proceedings. We can let people who registered for the conference view the videos. To view the videos you need to be able to log in to YouTube. If you registered and you want to view them, please use the contact form (subject ‘Conference Videos’) and let us know your YouTube login (which is often your Google login, or gmail address).

NB The links below will not work until you have access to the video. Sorry.
Paul Warde
(University of Cambridge)
‘“There be’s some good neighbours to morrow with, and some would want to use you”. Reflections on voluntary co-operation in Ulster farming’
Chris Dyer
(University of Leicester)
‘The breakdown in neighbourly relations in late medieval English villages’
Malcolm Thick
(Independent Scholar)
‘Neighbours as copy, William Ellis and agricultural journalism’
Heather Holmes
(Independent Scholar)
‘Neighbours at the steam plough: Kincardineshire farmers and agriculturists and the Kincardineshire Steam Ploughing Company Ltd, 1866-1883’
Carol Beardmore
(DeMontfort University)
‘A new dimension to understanding rural life: Memoirs, memorials of contemporary writers between the Wars, 1919-1939’
Jane Rowling
(University of Hull)
‘Reconciling community and competition in livestock farming, 1962-2020’