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Agricultural History Review

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The Society’s flagship periodical is published twice a year, in both print and PDF, and includes articles and book reviews. Part I each year also includes the Annual List of Publications on Agrarian History. The editors welcome articles and books for review on any aspect of the history of agriculture, rural society and rural economy, with especial interest in Britain and Ireland, Europe and North America.



The articles editor is Professor Paul Warde. Articles can be submitted at any time, using the online contact form (choose Journal Articles as the subject). The editor is willing to discuss projected articles with authors before submission and to advise on whether or not the Review would be interested in carrying work on a specific subject. Articles greatly exceeding the Review’s normal word length should be discussed with the editor before submission. Read more about submitting an article.

Please note: We only publish articles on merit, after rigorous peer review. We do not accept payment for publishing articles. We are not associated with ‘University Press Journals’. The only way to submit an article to Agricultural History Review is by the above process.

Access to articles: those published within the last three years are available to BAHS members or affiliates; earlier articles are open access.

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Book reviews

The reviews editor is Dr John Morgan, who can be contacted using the online contact form (choose Book Reviews as the subject).

Please note that due to the closure of university buildings during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently unable to access anything sent by mail. Please contact Dr Morgan and he will give you the address to which books should be sent.

We do not publish unsolicited reviews.

If you have been asked to write a review, you can find guidelines here.

Access to book reviews: those published within the last three years are available to BAHS members or affiliates; earlier book reviews are open access within the complete volumes. (NB this site only lists reviews for the last few years: an ongoing project as and when time permits.)

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Editorial Advisory Board

Prof. Christopher Dyer FBA, University of Leicester
Prof. Richard Hoyle, University of Reading
Prof. Leen van Molle, University of Leuven
Prof. Mats Morell, University of Stockholm
Prof. Cormac Ó Gráda, University College, Dublin
Prof. Harriet Ritvo, Massachusets Institute of Technology
Prof. Rui Santos, New University of Lisbon
Prof. Pam Sharpe, University of Tasmania
Prof. Christopher Smout FBA, University of St Andrews
Prof. Nadine Vivier, University of Le Mans
Prof. Minoru Yasumoto, Komazawa University, Tokyo
Prof. Jan Luiten van Zanden, IISH, Amsterdam and University of Utrecht