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The front line of freedom: British farming in the Second World War (2007) 

Edited by Brian Short, Charles Watkins and John Martin

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  1. ‘The front line of freedom’: state-led agricultural revolution in Britain, 1939-45, by Brian Short, Charles Watkins and John Martin
  2. The structural transformation of British agriculture: the resurgence of progressive high-input arable farming, by John Martin
  3. Wartime productivity and innovation, 1939-45, by Paul Brassley
  4. Wartime rodent-control in England and Wales, by John Sheail
  5. The organic challenge, by Philip Conford
  6. ‘Silage for self-sufficiency?’ The wartime promotion of silage and its use in the Peak District, by Mark Riley
  7. The supply of tractors in wartime, by Peter Dewey
  8. The Women’s Land Army and its recruits, 1938-50, by Gill Clarke
  9. Prisoners of war and the struggle for food production, 1939-49, by Richard Moore-Colyer
  10. The impact of the military on the agricultural landscape of England and Wales in the Second World War, by William Foot
  11. The War Agricultural Executive Committee in Dorset: state-directed farming or the preservation of the landed estate?, by Janet Waymark
  12. The dispossession of farmers in England and Wales during and after the Second WorldWar, by Brian Short
  13. The treatments of ‘failing’ farmers in south-west Lancashire during the Second WorldWar, by Charles Rawding
  14. Defending farmland: Dudley Stamp, the Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries, and ruralland utilization planning, 1939-47, by Will Pilfold
  15. The value of the National Farm Survey and conttemporary aerial photographs for environmental history, by Mark Riley and Charles Watkins
  16. The National Farm Survey and the tracing of post-war farmers’ movements on the South Downs, by Nigel Walford

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