Agricultural and Horticultural seed measures

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Agricultural and Horticultural seed measures

Post by cramphorn » 31 Aug 2018, 17:42

I am a retired MD of a retailer who packaged and sold a large quantity of flower and veg seeds to the general public.
The business is now closed, but I have quite a collection of seed measures, from half bushel to 1/4 pint, and flower seed measures from Blake and MacKenzie and Schulke.
I feel these should be in a museum or someplace where they will be appreciated and kept.
I would be grateful for any advice and recommendations forum members may have as to where best to go from here.
Anthony Cramphorn

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Re: Agricultural and Horticultural seed measures

Post by Nutmeg » 26 Sep 2018, 11:05

I am sure a museum would welcome these.
Have you tried the Garden Museum
or perhaps the Museum of English Rural Life

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