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Comb Tool

Posted: 26 Jan 2019, 10:56
by edl39
At Chedhams Yard, in Wellesbourne, we have a metal 'comb' with three rows of metal tines about 18" long set onto a wooden handle also about 18" long. We have no idea what it was used for but suspect it was local to our area of South Warwickshire.

We have had a few suggestions from visitors but none seem to be correct and are merely guesses.

Does anyone know what it is and what it was used for?

Re: Comb Tool

Posted: 27 Jan 2019, 19:54
by Alan Wadsworth
Unless I am mistaken, this is a hackle used in the preparation of flax into fine fibre in order to prepare linen thread - see ... -hackling/

Was flax grown locally in Wellesbourne, perhaps as late as 1960s?

Re: Comb Tool

Posted: 09 Feb 2019, 21:57
by edl39
Alan, Thanks for your reply. i am told that flax was grown in the area certainly during WW2, I did wonder if that was the possible use but the only pictures I have seen of these tools have had much shorter tines.