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Work in Progress on rural and agrarian history

Peasants cutting corn with a sickle The list covers any research on rural or agrarian society (social, economic, political or technical) with a historical dimension from any period. Until 2007 to list was published the Agricultural History Review PDF file. From 2014 it has been published online, with information being gathered using the online form below.

No one is excluded: we would like to hear from all scholars of rural society, based anywhere in the world, concerned with the rural or agrarian history of the British Isles. We also welcome entries from BAHS members about their work on rural or agrarian society in other geographical areas.

We encourage all researchers to respond: postgraduate students, established academics and non-university scholars. Whether you have contributed to our work-in-progress list before, or are a new or returning researcher in these fields, please fill in this form.

Work in Progress on British and Irish Rural and Agrarian History

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