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Work in Progress on British and Irish Rural and Agrarian History

Word Cloud based on keywords entered by participants
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This is a list of researchers working in the field of agricultural history and the history of rural economy and society – and related disciplines. Researchers listed here have reported contacts being made with them as a result of their entry, making it a valuable resource. From the list of keywords added by researchers, we made the word art on the left.

Filter by researcher name, keywords, centuries, regions, counties, or region/county/place (It’s not possible to filter on more than one at a time.) Click on the researcher’s name to get further details.

We are developing a new Work in Progress form, so...

If you don’t already have an entry in the list please use the contact form to let us know your research interests, keywords, and period and regions of interest. If you already have an entry, please check that it’s up to date and contact use the contact form to let us know what changes you want to make.

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