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Membership subscription payment

Thank you for filling in the online membership form. If you have already paid but arrived here as a result of filling in the form, there is no need to pay again!

Individual membership

Please make sure you select the correct membership type:

We have set up the PayPal button so that it automatically renews your membership annually (on the anniversary of your first online subscription). If you are not happy with this arrangement you can log in to PayPal and cancel the recurring payment.

Institutional or library subscription

The cost of the 2020 subscription is £125.


Clicking either of the buttons will take you to PayPal, a widely used online payment system that allows you to pay securely by the method of your choosing. Please note that the British Agricultural History Society is not responsible for processing the payments. If you have a problem with a payment through PayPal you need to contact PayPal directly.

Make sure that your details match the details you have given on the membership form so that we can link the membership form with the payment. It does not matter if the details do not match entirely. For example, you may use a different email address for PayPal for the one you want to use for the BAHS. You can add special instructions if necessary.

Please do not fill the form in more than once per application. For example, if you have a problem with PayPal, there is no need to fill the membership application form in again. If you have a problem or want to change any of the details you supplied in the form, please contact the Assistant Treasurer.

For individual/joint subscriptions the online form assumes that if you are overseas you pay by PayPal. The paper form assumes that you pay by UK cheque and/or Standing Order with a UK bank. If you want to pay by some other method, please contact the Assistant Treasurer.

If you've changed your mind about anything, including your method of payment, please don't fill in the membership form again: just contact the Assistant Treasurer to tell us.

Paying by standing order

If you opted to pay by standing order, the details are: Sort Code 309696, Account No. 00075423. You are responsible for setting up the standing order: you can use Internet banking or, if you prefer, fill in the paper standing order form PDF file, and send it to your bank. Please let the Assistant Treasurer know that you have set up the standing order. If you want to back-date your membership to the beginning of the year (1 February), please also transfer the subscription by BACS or send a cheque with your form.

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