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All titles in LIBRAL 1.0

Note that LIBRAL 1.0 was an exercise done during 2014 to find digital copies of all the items in the Perkins library on the internet. Some were not available then, and therefore have no link in the View or PDF columns.

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Column headings:
IDUnique identifier in LibRAL.
CatCategory in LibRAL.
Names of authors (jointly filterable).
Short titleAbbreviated title of the publication.
VolVolume of the publication.
EdnEdition, if more than one included.
DateYear of publication.
PerkinsNumber in the Categories of the Walter Frank Perkins Agricultural Library (Southampton University Library, 1961).
ViewLink to a Web site where you can read the publication online.
PDFLink to a Web site where you can (usually) download a PDF.
Definitions of abbreviations
LIBRALThe publication is available on LIBRAL 3.0.

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