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Abbreviations for English and Welsh counties

The following abbreviations will be used in Agricultural History Review from Volume 64 Part 1 onwards. The point of the point at the end is that it goes on all abbreviations that do not end with the last letter of the unabbreviated word (same goes for St, Dr, Mr, Mrs, but Rev., Prof.). Middx is the only county abbreviation that does not have a point at the end. County names with five letters or fewer are not abbreviated and therefore do not have a point at the end.

Abbreviations for county names (and London) are always used in in footnotes (though the first citation of a work should use the publisher’s spelling) and sometimes in the text, when appropriate; examples include long lists of counties, typically in parentheses or in table captions, or single county names in parentheses following a place-name, e.g. Landford (Wilts.).

As with other conventions, common sense should be used. If in doubt, contact the Editor.

English counties

Bedfordshire – Beds.
Berkshire – Berks.
Buckinghamshire – Bucks.
Cambridgeshire – Cambs.
Cheshire – Ches.
Cornwall – Cornw.
Cumberland – Cumb.
Derbyshire – Derbs.
Dorset – Dors.
(County) Durham – Dur.
Gloucestershire – Glos.
Hampshire – Hants.
Herefordshire – Heref.
Hertfordshire – Herts.
Huntingdonshire – Hunts.
Lancashire – Lancs.
Leicestershire – Leics.
Lincolnshire – Lincs.
London – Lon.
Middlesex – Middx
Norfolk – Norf.
Northamptonshire – Northants.
Northumberland – Northumb.
Nottinghamshire – Notts.
Oxfordshire – Oxon.
Rutland – Rut.
Shropshire – Salop.
Somerset – Som.
Staffordshire – Staffs.
Suffolk – Suff.
Surrey – Surr.
Sussex – Suss.
Warkwickshire – Warks.
Westmorland – Westm.
Wiltshire – Wilts.
Worcestershire – Worcs.
Yorkshire – Yorks.

Welsh counties

Anglesey – Angl.
Breconshire – Brecs.
Caernarfonshire – Caerns.
Cardiganshire – Cards.
Carmarthenshire – Carms.
Denbighshire – Denbs.
Flintshire – Flints.
Glamorgan – Glam.
Merionethshire – Merion.
Monmounthshire – Mons.
Montgomeryshire – Montg.
Pembrokeshire – Pembs.
Radnorshire – Rads.